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'Orphan Black' Boss on How Season 4 Pushes the Boundaries of Tatiana Maslany’s Clone Roles

April 14, 2016

In the lower east end of Toronto, half a dozen technicians are easing a 3500-pound camera contraption onto ramps in order to elevate it just enough to capture the scene that will soon take place below. Stand-ins are in place as the technicians secure this “Technodolly” to stop it from vibrating when director David Frazee eventually yells “action” on episode 409 of “Orphan Black,” and all five camera operators work in sync to create Tatiana Maslany’s famous clones.

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    A reel showing the various projects and effects we have produced.


    Conceptual development, design, character effects, action sequences.

    Orphan Black

    Environments, complex compositing.

    The Fountain

    Conceptual design and development, environment effects.

    Curiosity: Battlefield Cell

    Conceptual design and development, character animation.

    The Number 23

    Action effects, conceptual design and development.

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