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How Colossal Merged the Personal and the Grand to Create the Perfect Ending

June 16, 2017

You’d be correct to call Colossal a monster movie. But it’s not your standard creature feature; it’s a genre-defying indie film that’s ultimately a story not just about that 300-foot-tall monster stomping through Seoul, but also about battling our own personal demons, culminating in a fantastic, emotional ending.

Balancing its kaiju action movie identity with its indie dramedy core could have led to a messy, disjointed conclusion in someone else’s hands. With writer-director Nacho Vigalondo at the helm, Colossal delivers a memorable finale that satisfies on its multiple levels. Vigalondo, composer Bear McCreary, and visual effects supervisor Phil Jones talked with io9 about crafting Colossal’s moving, epic, and yet intimate ending.

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