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Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany with Tatiana Maslany

September 15, 2016

Tatiana Maslany is nominated for an Emmy this weekend as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her incredible work on BBC America's Orphan Black.

For four seasons she has played Sarah Manning and a host of her clone sisters. She has played up to 6 characters in one episode and 11 clones so far over the 4 seasons. It is a remarkable acting performance all made possible on screen by visual effects from Intelligent Creatures. Since series one, the VFX have been headed by VFX Supervisor Geoff Scott.

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    A reel showing the various projects and effects we have produced.


    Conceptual development, design, character effects, action sequences.

    Orphan Black

    Environments, complex compositing.

    The Fountain

    Conceptual design and development, environment effects.

    Curiosity: Battlefield Cell

    Conceptual design and development, character animation.

    The Number 23

    Action effects, conceptual design and development.

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